As a service-oriented pharmacy, we offer our patients specific and medically current advice in all matters concerning your health.

The store was opened in 1955 and was part of the original Sun Ray chain. An early chain of pharmacies in the NJ area that was really very innovative for the time. The Smith brothers, Sam and Morris, purchased the pharmacy together. The store has been at the same location since then. Our strength is in our caring and customer service (not just an empty phrase). We go far out of our way for our customers and offer a 10% senior discount everyday and free local delivery. 


Since the day Smith Brother's Pharmacy opened in 1955 we have grown and dedicated ourselves to becoming a pillar for health in our community. Every day we strive to improve the health of our friends and families and we are honored to be considered a part of your health care team. 

Smith Brother's Pharmacy: Your Health Is Our Top Concern